Friday, October 01, 2004

Terror of War

Newspapers and TV news are splattered with messages about the subway being a target mentioned in terrorist communications; only half of the city's police have been trained in counterterrorism because of lack of funding; how to make your own terrorism preparation kit and what-to-do-in-case-of-a-terrorist-attack. Police are all over the place. A guy I know walked two miles to work instead of taking the subway. My train stopped yesterday for 15 minutes without an announcement, and because of something I read on another blog, a few things crossed my mind. (And the train was under the river at the time, and I wondered how difficult it would be to escape the tunnel if a train got stuck there.)I've been trying really hard to ignore all the war and terror news because I have so many other worries on my plate, that I really don't need any more. But it's aproaching such a fever pitch that it's becoming hard to ignore.I'm not changing anything about my days -- still taking the subway gladly, I have no emergency kit. Everything will be fine.